Clapz ll Dogz - Clapz ll Dogz EP

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  • New Hypercolour sub-label Glass Table opened their account with "Hush," a slo-mo, idiosyncratic groove from Detroit's Jimmy Edgar. For their second release Szczecin and Boston provide the gene pool for Clapz ll Dogz, a collaboration between Catz & Dogz and Soul Clap with the emphasis squarely on deep dance floor gravitas. "Dogz" owes little to the canine world save some tuneful wailing in the background. Indeed, its main motif is a guitar and a chunky groove that provides a relaxing drive across the mesa of your mind. It's music to both dance and get stoned to, preferably at the same time. Where "Dogz" used some caterwauling pooches to good effect, "The Rain" rather predictably uses a looped drop of water, but in conjunction with a Boyz ll Men vocal sample that's twisted enough to sound refreshingly warped. Finally, "Between the Edit" sees Soul Clap slow things down to a tempo that's reminiscent of the aforementioned "Hush." It's nicely done, and the dubbiness of the cut gives it an ethereal ghostliness that helps cut the rind off the cheese of the glossy '80s-influenced poppy R&B that they so lovingly evoke.
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      A1 The Rain A2 Dogz B Between The Edit