Mic Newman - Live East, Die Young

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  • There's no knowing the amount of deliberation that goes into searching for a candidate to launch a label, especially when that label is a subsidiary of 20:20 Vision. Mic Newman, a young producer from Melbourne, represents a worthy investment. He's commanded a string of solid releases on Tsuba and Murmur that have passed with little fanfare, with more noted releases under the Fantastic Man alias on Kolour Ltd and Wolf Music in 2010. Live East, Die Young is sure to put him and FINA on many more people's radar. "Live East" does well to keep momentum driving through the claps and hi-hats, a great contrast to the sampled laconic moan that refuses to be rushed. "Die Young" is much more complex, but not confused. Different voices colonise different segments of the track, but as one gives way to another, they seem to be in easy dialogue. Runaway's remix is stripped back and therefore much lighter. For better or worse, they abandon Newman's use of a plucky guitar riff for climax and seem much more content to cruise on the high-end chord progressions. The remix is full of shimmering, spacey frills and tremors that dominate the vocal samples.
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      A Die Young B1 Live East B2 Live East (Runaway Mix)