Boddika - Electron

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  • Boddika's debut on the [nakedlunch] imprint last year was explosive, but for Alex Green's second release under the name, he's chosen to stow away the dynamite for something that trembles with destructive potential instead. Nestling into Loefah's Swamp 81 imprint, the two tracks here line up nicely with the label's hyperactive work from Ramadanman and Addison Groove, only with all the empty space and air sucked out, vacuum-sealed tight. What differentiates this particular half of Instra:mental from his friends and competitors is an obsession with hardware. You can almost picture Green sitting in his studio surrounded by all manner of synths and drum machines, as canned rimshots echo out from the chattering mess that Boddika conjures up in "Electron" out of a few drum sounds. Hurried hi-hats blur together as frantic chords vibrate like atoms in a tumbling molecule, certain elements stalling for a split second like those old Roadrunner cartoons. "Underground" pulls together most of the same elements—even those echoed pings—but totally guts it with gurgling synths, a crippling breakdown that wraps itself around the entire track in tense stasis before snapping the drums back exactly the way they came. The man has a way with sound design—even his most monochromatic material seems to ooze character and colour.
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      A Electron B Underground