Jamie Lloyd - I Left My Heart in Your Pants

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  • Of all the potential verbosity lying in Jamie Lloyd's style miscellany, there's nothing that quite tops "Cloud Hopping" for impressionistic articulation. Trivial points of description include the broken beats, a bassline that seems to be the previously-assumed nonexistent link between boogie and dubstep, a ravey bit at the end mixed with housey stabs, and some chords. But what chords! If there's stylistic hopping throughout the arrangement, then these translucent polyphonies are very much the clouds to cushion landing. "Hungry Hippos," on the other hand, has a dubby, subtractive aspect: it sounds as though bits of melody tape have been cut with the gaps left wilfully in. These are, in turn, filled by overlapping instruments—equally disjointed—in a kind of musical Tetris. The percussion slips into a four-four streamline only on occasion, which, for the most part, makes it seem snipped too, but only with the kind of scissor work that would produce a snowflake from a sheet of paper. It's quirky music, but rich in substance, resting on Lloyd's evident ability to coax unison out of variation.
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      01. Cloud Hopping 02. Hungry Hippo