Dadavistic Orchestra - Dokument.01

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  • While Dada may have started in the aftermath of World War I, its legacy lives on. Especially in Sheffield apparently. Local band Cabaret Voltaire took its name from the famed Zurich venue that housed some of Dada's most famous performances. More recently, The Black Dog have made a mission of ridiculing the vacuity of modern society (just as Tristan Tzara and Hugo Ball did through poetry and theatre), through albums like Music For Real Airports. Here they join up with Dutch art-techno group Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia for two meditative ambient tracks which reference industrial music in their construction and the interweaving of samples. There is a strong feel of remorse on "Strung Valve Checkout"; lost pianos wander over deep expanses, mourning the loss of humanity like a Godspeed You Black Emperor! passage. "Dada Fish Sticks," meanwhile, is more positive and suggests cleansing and regenesis; glowing liquids bubbling in alien nurseries. But dissonance creeps in, the bass drops out, and we're left grasping for ephemeral wisps. It's the kind of ambient music that implants feelings, even though before long, you hardly even notice the sound.
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      A Strung Valve Checkout B Dada Fish Sticks