George FitzGerald - Don't You

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  • Good on George FitzGerald for not sticking to second base. In baseball, second is a perfectly good position: you get to follow through on double plays, and no one expects you to hit for power. That's basically the way FitzGerald's Hotflush debut, "The Let Down," went: a perfectly decent record in the midst of a whole lot of pretty terrific ones. "Don't You" effects an audible step up in the producer's assurance level; the transitions are seamless and timed to keep things moving along. He's also got that emotive-word-snippet action down pretty good. Over to third for him—and let's try having him bat fifth. The boss comes in on the B-side. SCB's remix of "Don't You" is basically dub house with a metallic feel to it that crossfades it toward techno a little too. There isn't much to it, structurally—a few extra elements eventually wend their way into its lightly handled vortex: some keyboard chords, extra percussion touches and, of course, lots of filtering and tweaking. But it unfolds so gradually you really have to track it to hear the differences. I hear the beginning of the night in it, or the end of one.
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      A Don't You AA Don't You (SCB Edit)