Martyn / Mike Slott - Collab Series #1

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  • Dublin-based All City start the new year with another concept series. While past ideas (7x7 and LA 10x10 for example) have thrown together predominantly beats producers, the Collab Series delivers the tantalizing prospect of Martyn's dance floor-ready arrangements with the smoky sophistication of Mike Slott's instrumental beat creations. In line with the early '90s renaissance, Collab Series #1 takes it back to a format synonymous with that era—a club banger A-side and laidback early morning joint on the flip. "All Night" sets a tone of intent from the start: probing strings and cowbells lead into a Martyn-laden groove of bass and Detroit stabs. The beatless break more clearly introduces Mike Slott's subtle layers of intricate sounds. As with most Martyn tracks, "All Night" seems to gracefully have the ability to work any number of dance floors—house, techno or dubstep. If the A-side was perhaps a 60/40 Martyn/Mike Slott production, the B-side is emphatically led by Mike Slott. From the smoky bristled intro to the lush cosmic keys and organic layers of sound, Slott has his unique ethereal jazz orchestration on tap from start to finish. "All Night" may get more use in the short term, but the flip will have you going back again and again.
  • Tracklist
      A All Nights B Pointing Fingers