xxxy - You Always Start It

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  • Manchester's Rupert Taylor, AKA xxxy, and his sound is more firmly planted in house than bass music, as evidenced on his maiden 10-inch on Ten Thousand Yen. Having spent 2010 flying under the radar—aside from an early appearance on Fabric's Elevator Music Vol. 1, hence the reference to bass music—this may just be the young Brit's most successful year to date. While not solidifying it, the producer's latest release certainly puts him in a good position to make that proposition a reality. On A-side, "You Always Start It," a jungle-tinged rhythm and loopy 8-bit samples combine to carve a winding path through Funky and garage. The brutal delicacy of the entwining layers is nothing new, but to see it carried through this track's full scope is a, behold. Nevertheless, it's all about the flip. Big Joy Orbison chords greet the listener in the opening seconds of "Ordinary Things," with a plodding 4/4 kick combined with the heaving chord arrangement carrying the track though an adventurous first half. On the breakdown Taylor pulls no punches, ensuring the previously understated elements explode into a radical flurry of endlessly ascending and tussling stabs.
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      A You Always Start It B Ordinary Things