Speed Dealer Moms - Speed Dealer Moms EP

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  • Speed Dealer Moms is a supergroup made up of Canadian breakcore demon Venetian Snares, Red Hot Chilli Peppers guitarist John Frusciante and Winnipeg noisemonger Chris McDonald. This is their first release, and it's pretty difficult to tell apart from Venetian Snares solo material, particularly since he spans a lot within his signature chaotic electronics. I think it's ace, but whether you like this will depend on your inclination to appreciate the remarkable order and precision in Snares' pseudo-randomness. Maybe it's the presence of a guitarist that helps place this near the lyrical end of Snares' own catalogue, but Speed Dealer Moms is more electronic than orchestral, more disjointed and unhealthy. The rhythms here are made up of numerous strands, but it doesn't take too hard a listen to pick them out from each other, well defined as they are: metallic zinging, noodling synth squiggles, scraping gypsy violins, a dazed bass which wanders aimlessly through the spectrum in its one-note-a-bar plodding, amongst many others. But the nice thing here is the way the digital mass grows and drifts organically, a result of the way they work; writing parts in reaction to others' parts, and then dropping them in and out as they record live to stereo together with no edits.
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      A March Three-3 B March Four