Welcome Stranger - Let's Get Lost Vol. 4

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  • At first, it seemed that Yotsukaido Nature's Let's Get Lost "promo only" label would be a hard drive clearinghouse of sorts, with deft reworkings of Chic and other late '70s delights making up its first two releases. But with a vinyl pressing of Leo Zero's epic piano house remix of Florence & the Machine's "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" and a forthcoming set of JD Twitch's cumbia edits, the label has proven to have a much wider remit. Case in point is this crucial single by Welcome Stranger, AKA Thomas Bullock of Rub'n'Tug. His upbeat edit of "Jolene" (as rendered by Olivia Newton-John) has been dropped at NYC underground parties for a few years now, yet it remains a crowd pleaser and energy-raiser. Bouncy, twangy and chirpy, "Brolene" is pure fun, complete with snippets from The Blues Brothers thrown in for good measure. Off the wall as that may be, the flip finds Thomas taking boogie rockers ZZ Top on a ride of his own on "American Cars." Coming from their unheralded El Loco album, Bullock keeps the piquant slide guitar lick, punches up the kick, slathers on some synth noise and stretches it out long as a Texas highway.
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      A Brolene B American Cars