Resoe - The Black Void of Space EP

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  • Somewhere across this EP, one will find a time-dialated glimpse of the future. Resoe brings a space wasteland of dub-lite and drowned techno in two tracks that preview his forthcoming full-length Black Void of Space. In "Demoon" microchip bass synths fuzz-out over a lazy beat that chimes dusted chords set astride an almost-blackness. The pads get more melodic, more preclusive of escape as they come to life in the more polished "Minus & Plus." It's therein that Resoe pulls long granulated drone across the void while a minimal beat diffuses collapse. "Minus & Plus" tells us that parts of Black Void will work in headphones, and that parts will work on a fog-filled dance floor. This sense is supported by Sigha's remix of the same track. Where the original was rather neat fodder for a deep tech mix, Sigha's take is the soundtrack to a club scene from Alien. A kick drum and generator-built backdrop build things, and Sigha teases filters like shut-off valves; he lets single notes delay hopelessly in space. "Demoon" is definitely a weak point. It's dark but still too tuneful and, considering its company, too earthly to come from the Plutonian place both versions of "Minus & Plus" can make one crave.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Minus And Plus A2 Demoon B Minus And Plus (Sigha Remix)