Nasty Bobby - So Long Lost

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  • Nasty Bobby's debut solo release on Irish label Nice & Nasty follows in the somewhat Celtic tradition of tunefulness and immediacy of artists like Chymera and Mark O'Sullivan, the latter of which returns remix favours here from "Grain of Salt" in 2008. So whereas the package isn't a particularly adventurous affair, setting out a chilled, spacey premise in the original and not straying too far in the remixes, it's got a homely warmness and balance that hits the spot. Loads of delay, a washing pad, and a simple bass riff: classic. Its features, though, like the jazzy keyboard riff and snare made tightly from white noise with fast attack and release settings on the amp envelope provide the polish and make it sound classy. O'Sullivan's presence, who some might know from working with Jesper Dahlback as DK7, presumably is a manifestation of the fairly common and always admirable mission that Nice & Nasty themselves adopt of supporting emerging artists, putting his name to the release as he does. He keeps many of the melodic stems in there unedited, instead providing different (but not too dissimilar—the "Winter Meltdown" mix excepted, with its tight metallic funk) rhythmic backbones, and balances between these two sides. With three remixes that all do this, it sometimes threatens to make them superfluous, and the idea is approached in a particularly obvious manner with the "Deeper Than Disco" remix. Nevertheless, he swings it enough to provide versions for, perhaps, later zones of the night (the original would be a nice warmer), and the groundwork's laid sweetly enough for this kind of treatment anyway.
  • Tracklist
      A1 So Long Lost A2 So Long Lost (Mark O'Sullivan Space Disco remix) B1 So Long Lost (Mark O'Sullivan Deeper Than Disco remix) B2 So Long Lost (Mark O'Sullivan Winter Meltdown mix)