Anja Schneider - Pushin

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  • It's usually Sebo K who churns out Mobilee's annual Yuletide anthem, but this year the honours go to the label's first lady herself. And what an anthem it is. "Pushin'" is a classy and infectious track that surely would have made it into plenty of discerning crates and hard drives over the festive period. Urgently built over a rollicking bass riff and a grizzly blues-sounding vocal sample, "Pushin'" seems to climax endlessly in a blend of swagger, swathes of melodic charm and effective percussive fills. "Strong Way" is essentially a remix of the title track. Described on the press release as a "female interpretation," it's surprising to hear it come out heavier and darker, losing its sexiness and giddy headspace in favour of rugged bass injections and jazzy Rhodes licks. "I Don't Feel Anything" initially continues the slide into darker territories, dropping the tempo a little and overlapping whispered vocals to suggest the paranoia of coming down. However, light touches of funk bass and innocent melodies swirl a sense of optimism out of the confusion to round off a solid single.
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      A1 Pushin' A2 Strong Way B1 I Don't Feel Anything