Discodeine feat. Jarvis Cocker - Synchronize

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  • The further complications Jarvis Cocker bemoaned last year seem happily behind him. There could be nothing simpler, nor fairer-spoken, than his celebration of stop-motion romance at the discotheque in "Synchronize." I mean that sentimentally, for in lyrics of familiar pastoral nuance there's a humble poeticism about the places of "organised noise" he refers to. Wristwatches stop as they fall to the floor, hearts beat with the drums and the hands of time are simply yours held in mine. As Cocker mounts an idyll of clubland courtship in words, the duo of Pilooski and Pentile, AKA Discodeine, set it in musical motion with a string ensemble so absorbingly histrionic it absolutely eclipses any would-be tweeness of the electro-pop style in which it's conceived. Dewy eyes and hearty smiles can be drawn from this one, though they're given a sterner makeover by Jam Factory. In turn, the discussed synchronicity becomes less about ephemerally star-crossed dancers and more about the abiding bond between a DJ and his floor. In other words, it's a good dance remix of an excellent pop tune.
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      01. Synchronize (Extended Vocal) 02. Synchronize (Extended Instrumental) 03. Synchronize (Jam Factory Remix) 04. Synchronize (Jam Factory Dub) 05. Synchronize (Radio Edit)