Subb-an - What I Do

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  • There's not a hell of lot to the title track of Ashique "Subb-an" Subhan's Culprit debut, but despite being sparse in its arrangement, it delivers a weighty enough punch to confine you to the seat of your pants should you be caught off balance. It's straight from the school of stripped down, moodily atmospheric house championed by many of his cohorts (Jones, Foss, et al.) and while the payoff from the breakdown is beautifully satisfying, it could be argued that it doesn't do quite enough to justify its nine-minute length. Having said that, nine minutes on the DC-10 dance floor compared to the same time spent sitting at your desk on a cold November evening are two of the most polar opposite musical experiences possible, so I can't imagine anyone complaining that much. On the flip, "My Slang" is a much livelier affair, its bassline sporadically wobbling all over the joint. There's plenty more going on, but the focus wisely remains on the bass with some viciously sliced-and-diced vocals spitting gloriously off it from all angles. "No More" takes us in a distinctly soulful direction, with garage-esque warbles provided by Lois. Depending on your preferred flavour of ice cream it'll either be your favourite or least of the three, but goes some way to showing the breadth of Subb-An's talent. A solid EP from a producer who is probably a few off from reaching his full potential.
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      A What I Do B1 My Slang B2 No More feat. Lois