Alland Byallo - Discovaries

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  • On paper, Discovaries is similar to "Eyes Closed, Looking In" earlier this year: smooth night driving stuff with a tight, propulsive shuffle. But whether it'd grab or not in a set is a tough call. All the ingredients are there on the A side, including serious pads, a nice melodic percussion riff, and picked guitar straight out of the late '70s. It's solid and lush, but doesn't quite stand out as much as "Eyes Closed" did. He's been on large imprints like Liebe*detail, Dirt Crew and Dirtybird before, so the fact that this is his first outing on Poker Flat shouldn't faze him, but this is safer and less free-flowing than previous material, like, for example, his acclaimed album, Brick by Brick. There's more to get excited about in "Shipwrecked," which has psychedelic swirling pads and repeating percussive noises which are tuned so they sit oddly with the rest of the track, to good effect. A nice break surges in at around six minutes, the strongest wave amongst many. Here, Byallo's considerable experience, and more importantly his creativity, is more obvious.
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      A Discovaries B Shipwrecked