Slava - Dreaming Tiger

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  • Washington D.C. imprint Future Times inhabits an alternate dream state of careworn thrift shop samples, New Age pastel tones, mellow 808 pulses and the dazzling shimmer of cosmic light waves. Sourcing the bulk of its aural references from the late '70s and early '80s, the label's signature freak out house is equally as apt for a slow-foot shuffle as it is for a blissed out afternoon spent in a sun-dappled field. The newest Future Times clan member, Brooklyn's Slava, has sidestepped previous beat-driven experiments, discovering a flair for kitsch tribal accents within the label's characteristic layered sketches. "Dreaming Tiger" is both organic and otherworldly, waking with a jolt in the middle of a feverish ritual; a tight, lowdown groove permeates through the infinite loop of human chants, glassy percussion and shadowy, blurred piano chords. "World of Spirits" straightens out some of the bent edges, opting for an Afro funk rhythm accented by trumpets and disembodied whistles, with rhythmic gasps that function like a valve release. It doesn't quite achieve the same level of alien swing as the A-side, but altogether the EP is confirmation that Future Times have found another kindred spirit for their growing psychedelic coterie.
  • Tracklist
      A Dreaming Tiger B World of Spirits