D'Julz and Paul Ritch - Run

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  • With pedigree like this, you'd be surprised if the music wasn't ace. Paul Ritch and D'Julz have respectively rolled and snapped their way to the respect of those who appreciate a more refined, serious style of dance music. Veteran 2000 and One has amongst his accolades a serpentine and popular remix of D'Julz's "Just So You Know," and Visionquest, meanwhile, is Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss and Seth Troxler. What you get is a tough 12-inch with a quirky remix by the latter crew, with all tracks being of a classic standard. "Run" is high-energy, combining a rapid, choppy acoustic tech house drum programming with a sturdy techno kick, a restless sub monobass and an unhinged twittering that takes over the room, creating a bizarre and overbearingly heady atmosphere. It's extremely recognisable, partly due to its bright intrusiveness; but also because it's equally as characteristic. 2000's Dark Tec mix does what it says on the tin with no messing around: the track is made by the stuttering voice of a mechanised sentinel, which evokes scenes from Terminator of a machine-ruled future. Fruity, naive synth lines flop around the shiny upper regions of the spectrum in the Visionquest mix, while a loose, springy analogue bass resonates its riff in lolloping fashion. Drums sit halfway between electronic and recorded, offering toughness diluted with screwloose clatter. You can almost see the cartoon bluebirds circling your head.
  • Tracklist
      01. Run 02. Run (2000 And One Dark Tec Remix) 03. Run (Visionquest Remix)