dOP - 3 Suitcases

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  • Jack Haighton recently described dOP's curious musical persona on Greatest Hits: "tipsily debonair, like a Rocky Horror Tim Curry without the limp wrist." Yet the steady quality of their work over the past three years is almost the opposite of that appeal. The 3 Suitcases EP makes it easy to hear both the stability their work rate suggests and the off-kilter quality that makes them unique. The title track is a case in point, moving easily between fairly mellifluous tech house and something earthier thanks to the gravelly vocal and the guttural woodwind accompanying that accompanies it. Handing it off to Matthew Herbert was an easy call—he, too, loves to marry grubby, leftfield timbres to strict four-on-the-floor thump. The steadier the pace, the more surprises you can throw on top. His remix of "3 Suitcases" is the most careening work he's done in a while, giving off the feeling that he's trying a little of everything, and feels like a practice run for something more focused. dOP's fellow Circus Company man Seuil's dub, meanwhile, couldn't be more straightforward. The beat is slowed a touch, a funky guitar lick is gently filtered, the hi-hats get their turn in the sun, and the bass growls invitingly. It isn't tipsy—just debonair.
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      A1 3 Suitcases A2 Deaf Wagrant B1 3 Suitcases (Herbert Move On Dub Mix) B2 3 Suitcases (Seuil Dub Remix)