Donato Dozzy & DJ Say - Your Transparent Eyes

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  • Donato Dozzy, well renowned for his talent with the deeper end of techno, and fellow Italian DJ Say, whose self-proclaimed style is "electronic ritual dance," team up here for the first time since 2006 and the electro-tinged darkness of Polarity on Mental Groove. This EP is a smoother Dozzy-esque affair, delivering textured, hypnotic and high-quality ambient techno. The premise is set out in the first few seconds of "Your Eyes." Sub bass throbs, hi-hats crackle and a pad builds, suspended in religious penitence before the kick comes in, offset by half a beat against the waves that have built up. A lone monk chants something indecipherable in quiet warning, and more and more elements build on top of each other. It's constantly evolving, ebbing and flowing with both ambience and constant, pointillistic punctuation in the form of crisp, high treble percussion and soft, submerged zap FX. "Transparent" is more immediate, with more above ground. Not that far above, though. Alien helicopter effects circle, echoing and whirring, as a churning beat rolls throughout. Harmonies are included more overtly as a pad gives the closest thing here to a chord sequence, gazing out emotively with far sight. The same progressive evolution and thick liquidity carries it through without being jarred by sharp changes. Two excellent tracks to soothe and escape with.
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      A Your Eyes B Transparent