Ancient Methods - Fifth Method

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  • It is possible to trace the sequence of AM releases to a gradual resurgence in the popularity of a certain type of techno, but to do so would only partially explain what the German duo are about. Like other producers, DJs and labels associated with a shift towards harder, purist sounds, AM take influence from the tough end of the '90s techno spectrum and there is a repetitive sensibility at play in each track. It would be wrong to presume that they share the exact same qualities of a loopy Klockworks record or the Jeff Mills-influenced atmospherics of Norman Nodge, though. Granted, AM have a predilection for dense, metal-plated rhythms, but it usually just acts as a starting point. The untitled A-side on this fifth release has exactly such a heavy backing, but it's the grinding, cheese-wire riff that arcs, curves and pitch-bends its way over the basic arrangement that stands out, as does the occasional burst of dreamy synths. B2 offers more surprises: once again, the impenetrable rhythm provides a basis for a coating of grimy acid and an electronic groove that sounds derived from a new beat record. AM develop this approach further on B1, where eerie synths accompany a pulsing electro bassline and a militaristic rhythm. Sounding like an update of the tense music that soundtracked chase sequences in countless early '90s sci-fi movies, B1 offers pure thrills rather than just purism.
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      A Untitled B1 Untitled B2 Untitled