Echologist - Just a Ride

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  • It'd be a mistake to generalise Brendon Moeller's musical style too much, trying his hand as he does at a range of variations on the theme of dubby electronics. One of his favourite tricks, however, is to give his clouds of synths momentum via a reactive rhythm track. Last year's Juice, for example, set the beats largely forefront. While "Just A Ride" is softer in this department, they still very much carry the track as they roll, and they're amplified gradually by Zap and then Fixmer, giving both this successful combination and two different energy levels, so you can Moellerize (no yoghurt jokes, please) crowds in different states of excitement. That's not to say they're straightforward amp-ups, though—all tracks are creative and individual, just with the same deep, drifting aesthetic. The original is calm, wrapped in a soft, vacant and delay-treated chord pattern which washes in surges of white noise onto a constant, chugging rhythm, as other wistful chords gaze over the horizon. About halfway through they lift suspended, and then fall back, drifting with emotions that are miles away from brainless chill-out pap. Anton Zap's whirring throb and loopy, clicking hi-hats are similar, but trade some of the harmonic fullness for churning motion. It's smoother this time, and in a kind of sun-hazed limbo. Terence Fixmer, meanwhile, shows his slant towards industrial electro, upping the pace a couple of notches more with a dark tech roller complete with rushing snares and a bubbling pot of analogue. Despite its satanic power, it remains submerged throughout, stewing just below boiling point. And like the others, it's a lesson in subtlety and suggestion.
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      A Just A Ride B1 Just A Ride (Terence Fixmer Remix) B2 Just A Ride (AntonZap Remix)