Rick Wade - Creeper

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  • It's hard to see why Detroit producer Rick Wade agreed to this release. Maybe he only had one spare track between other releases, and wasn't aware that it would be remixed...or perhaps he only heard snippets of the remixes. Either way, the end product is a strange combination of original material and subpar reworks, all delivered on a label that is more used to releasing mnml. The original track is textbook Wade, heavy dub beats and seductive filtering that accentuates the mournful, disco-influenced sensibilities. Then we get to the remixes: of the three, Erich Bogatzky and Volt.mar's is the least offensive, with the duo turning in a deep, introspective groove and retaining Wade's warm filters. Sascha Dive meanwhile, tries to emulate Wade, accentuating the disco elements and deploying heavy claps. Unfortunately, when played beside the original, Dive's efforts sound feeble and two-dimensional, lacking the depth of sound and resonance that ooze from Wade's composition. It's like comparing an art deco couch to flat pack furniture from Ikea. It gets worse though: Treplec's version is a lame stop-start minimal groove that uses the kind of repetitive moody vocal snippet that featured on DJ Qu's "Party People." The only difference is that while it came across as fresh and exciting on that release, here it sounds like Treplec is trying to latch onto current trends.
  • Tracklist
      01. Creeper 02. Creeper (Sascha Dive DC Soulwax Dub) 03. Creeper (Eric Bogatzky & Vol.mar Remix) 04. Creeper (Treplec Remix)