Portable - This Life of Illusion

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  • You might think that pitched-down spoken word tracks have been done to death, but on the A-side of his second single for Perlon, Alan Abraham has managed to imbue a sense of soulfulness and emotion that has eluded some of the more minimal examples of this particular gimmick. It helps that we're not in "house is a feeling" territory. "Life Magically Is" finds Abrahams distilling his manifesto for a better life into a rolling peak-time anthem. Either that, or he's found a suitably intellectual self-help CD to generously sample from. No matter his techniques, it's clear that the vocal isn't an afterthought, with certain phrases triggering changes in the track's mood and pace. It's these subtle nuances that manage to keep things interesting throughout its twelve-and-a-half minutes, slowly cranking up the gears and teasing out each element of the mix until it becomes a maelstrom of sonic wonder. Anyone that has seen Abrahams' live set will be familiar with his trademark percussive tumbles, and there are plenty of rhythmic twists and turns here as well. "Find Me" takes a much more introspective direction, with synthesised piano stabs and offbeat hats providing the bed for Alan's affected vocal yearnings. Hypnotic yet groovy, it'll get people moving while tugging their heart strings, but it's the flipside which should prove to be the cut that DJs will reach for when the party's really starting to get going.
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      A Life Magically Is B Find Me