Ceeker - Body Rocker

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  • Sometimes you find a diamond in the rough. Ceeker is a new San Francisco dubstep producer whose Body Rocker EP is amateurish, a very American West Coast version of dubstep, in thrall to blaring, immersive throb, by-the-book. Fine: no harm, no foul. And sure, I'll listen to all the remixes once. Then I got to Zeno's and made it twice, and more. If you're an aspiring dubstep producer in Denver, Joker is as good as anybody to take your cues from. Zeno's homage is obvious—the pitch-shifted up-and-down big plastic analog synth line pretty well screams "purple," and his judicious bass drops suggest that he's obviously ingested a lot of other Hyperdub-and-friends as well. There's something by-the-book about his remix of "Body Rocker" as well; it's just a much better book. And he reads well: that synth hook cuts through its surroundings with real joy, and that gives more obvious elements (the sampled "M-m-m-move your body!") some extra kick. It could use fewer watery build-ups, and it's not a masterpiece, but this is a decent example of how those Joker/Zomby/etc. usages are beginning to spread out.
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      01. Body Rocker 02. Body Rocker (Dr. Knobz & Carly D Remix) 03. Body Rocker (Zeno Remix) 04. Zombie-J - Hexadex 05. Body Rocker (Mycho Pan Cocoa & El Diablo Remix) 06. Body Rocker (El Diablo & Zombie-J Remix) 07. Body Rocker (Skulltrane Remix)