The Chemical Brothers - Swoon

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  • "Just remember to fall in love / There's nothing else, there's nothing else," goes the hook of "Swoon," which is just about the only song title that could contain it. The original acts as the spine of Further, the Chemical Brothers' best album in eons, and it brings the album's neo-rave ideals (though not its sound—not quite) into focus, both in that chorus and in the squint-making fuzzbox guitar riff. The Boys Noize remix brings that riff into the center, unsurprisingly, but what does surprise is how liquid Alexander Ridha makes the track. It's still clearly on the post-Ed Banger side of things, hard and overmodulated, but it has a pleasantly psychedelic quality that complements the album's own. Still, it's nothing compared to the Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas treatment: they build the entire arrangement around that fuzz guitar, turning the track into—go ahead, guess. That's right: beachy disco! The vocal hook makes plenty of appearances, of course, but it's the grinding thump that catches. The album's steady-state "Horse Power" kicks along on actual equestrian whinnies and a lingering, sizzling fuse, but Popof's version puts all its power in harder beats that brings things nicely to a head.
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      A1 Swoon (Boyz Noize Summer Remix) A2 Swoon (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix) B1 Horse Power (Popof Remix)