Transilvanian Galaxi - Transilvanian Galaxi

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  • Not exactly a beginner's guide to house music, the catalogue of the Bergen-based Sex Tags Mania imprint is puzzlingly fascinating. Since 2004, the label run by Peter Anatol Mitterer and Stefan Mitterer has released an impressive amount of off-the-beaten-track club sounds. Wandering through these Norwegian woods can be a most rewarding trip: You will come across the misty Italo/Detroit styles of Skatebard, get carried away in the sonic maelstrom of elder stateman Bjorn Torske or venture upon the stripped-down house territory of Don Papa. Here we have Transilvanian Galaxi, providing, with a self-titled track, a Bela Lugosi-styled voice rising from an old-school Chicago grave to deliver his message of insanity over a brooding siren-and-string-epic. Equally haunted by eerie vocal snippets are "Atle" and "Rock On." While the former leans towards an Italo vibe, the latter straddles in a distorted Balearic mood. Not much is known about the origin of "Transilvanian Galaxi". The Sex Tags Crew discloses this much: "It's probably one of the most obscure vocal techno tracks from the Norwegian post-millennium era. Obviously because it hasn't been released yet, but more because nobody else would have ever released it if it weren't for us. We don't select these styles, we live these styles." Word to that.
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      A Galaxi B1 Rock On B2 Atle
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