Paul Loraine - You Don't Please Me

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  • Restraint. It's something that can go a long way in the making tech house. Recent years have shown that it's often the application of restraint that leads to the creation of something memorable. Paul Loraine knows that. His You Don't Please Me EP, hosted by the Four:twenty imprint, exhibits a kind of subtle tech charm that only raises its head every so often. "Will Time Tell" opens the release, offering up a distorted synth melody and sleepy analogue ambience. It is with "Ditto," the following track, however, that Loraine shows that delicacy can coexist with groove and bounce. The kick's intricate coupling with a dusty guitar sample creates the elegance, while the bassline provides the bounce. "Hoo Boo & Boo Hoos" is the pick of the remaining tracks. While sticking with the plodding kick and sampled string combo exhibited on "Ditto," Loraine adds a layer of hazy spoken word female vocals, resulting in a thumping but gloomy outing. From there, the EP's mood takes a momentarily upbeat turn with "It Matters to Me." Loraine takes charge of a driving bass loop and inserts some synth pads, which results in the package's most upfront moment. Oregon-based Let's Go Outside then closes the release out with a comparatively forgettable-but-danceable reworking of "Ditto," retaining the original's dark vintage while adding his own metallic element.
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      01. Will Time Tell 02. Ditto 03. Hoo Boo & Boo Hoo's 04. It Matters To Me 05. Ditto (Let's Go Outside's Faded Copy)
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