Jay Lumen - Bop Doo

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  • Whatever you want to sub-label it, good house tends to jump. Sometimes that pump-pump-bumptiousness can wear, but throw a guy like Hungary's Jay Lumen into the fray and you get interesting results. On vinyl, "Bop Doo" is backed with "Do Not Cross," in digital form they're trailed by "Is Mine," and all of them start out like the door is being opened to a jammed, darkened, glistening room that awaits your arrival. All three tracks gallop hard. "Bop Doo" is spare enough, and has enough spatial dimension as a production, to make the big rooms seem somewhat intimate; up close on headphones, you can hear an electro overlay, but it's jackin' at heart. "Do Not Cross" brings in a more early '80s feel, something the filters enhance. The track spends more time stretching out than hitting on all cylinders, and its many minute shifts allow it to slip monotony. It's odd that Lumen left "Is Mine" to the bytes—surely its molten low end would be well suited to vinyl, as well as the scrubbing-bubble percussion lurking in the background. But the big rooms won't mind a bit.
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      A Bop Doo B Do Not Cross Digital: Is Mine