Justin Martin & Ardalan - Mr. Spock

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  • Looking for the sort of bonkers track that made Dirtybird famous? Look no further than "Mr. Spock," a collaboration between Db mainstay Justin Martin and San Jose label newcomer Ardalan. The tune does what the label does best, namely set up a wonderful bit of ridiculousness only to sweep it all away for a wonderful bit of booty bass. As the lore goes, Martin heard Ardalan's early sketch of the track and went on to help with its editing and arrangement to make it ripe for the dance floor. You can hear Martin's fingerprints all over it, as you have to imagine that he had a hand in the easy-to-mix intro and easy-to-mix outro. And, of course, the drop. Before that drop, though, there are the sort of operatic vocals that recall Italoboyz relentless cut-ups from a few years ago, building and building until everything falls away and the classic Dirtybird funk takes over. Why it's called "Mr. Spock" is anyone's guess, but here's hoping that the duo continues to embrace the advantages of illogical approaches.
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      A Mr. Spock