Kassem Mosse & Lowtec - Workshop EP

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    18 Aug 2010
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    Resident Advisor
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    July 2010
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  • Using the Workshop label as a platform for their esoteric take on deep house, Lowtec and Kassem Mosse have been able to establish themselves as enigmatic without sacrificing consistency in style over the last couple of years. Over a similar period, Dor has used Laid to peddle comparatively straight-edged deep grooves, curating work from artists bringing the established conventions of golden-era US house into the 21st century. On this guest appearance from the Workshop stalwarts, Lowtec and Kassem Mosse offer their take on the Laid principles and attempt to trace points of synergy between the two labels. Both producers' eclectic record crates showcase a love for house, disco and the rougher-edged techno of their native Germany, all of which are weaved together in the Workshop EP seamlessly. Pitched above the 120 BPM mark and adopting relatively straightforward sequencing, both tracks are faster and cleaner than what we might expect to hear on their home label. Given the weight of its dramatic percussion and energetic propulsion, Kassem Mosse's A-side is bound to attract the most club attention. Laced with an analogue fetishism for added grit, it's a subtly tough number suited for sets that err on the boundary between deep house and techno. There's something slightly disconcerting (and very satisfying) about the darkness lurking beneath the warmth of the imposing lead synths and frenetic high-end drums, which come together to bring well-balanced austerity and punch to the track. Lowtec's oft-indulged experimental side gets toned down on his rework of "Use Me," whose seductive cooing over low-slung bass and twinkling melody guarantees results on more woozy dance floors. Fans of Lowtec's Workshop efforts will agree that his biggest successes have been achieved by throwing curveballs at functional elegance, and the lack of a similar approach here doesn't do justice to his ability to deliver a more challenging listen.
  • Tracklist
      A Kassem Mosse - Untitled B Lowtec - Use Me (Laid Mix)