Unknown - Blackout

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  • Full admission: The first few times I played "Blackout" it was at 33rpm, not its intended 45. But you know what? I thought it sounded great. The confusion can be attributed to two things. First, my own stupidity. And second, Dave Huismans' sheer multiplicity of late. It's unclear whether Huismans wishes this inaugural 12-inch on his low-key Blackout imprint to be thought of as 2562, A Made Up Sound or neither; although you have to ask yourself, with the surfacing of this latest sterling release, does it actually matter? A-side "Blackout" stretches its synths out across a washboard, making for a granular, pitched-up feel that (I'm hoping) led to my blunder. The sectioned interplay between the kick and the snare is like watching basketball on fast-forward, while dive-bombing subs and ghost-train leads pulse through its turbo-charged viscera. "S.O.S.," meanwhile, retains the warped pitch perception but (de)tunes it to a steadier beat. The pressure in this case is derived from a rain storm of synthesis, soaking the earth between the drums as the entire cargo sways gently to-and-fro. It's not until B2 track "Boogie Kitchen" that you get the sense of treading on solid ground. Although Huismans ties the bundle with another soaring melody, it's a flight that's turbulence-free, allowing the dust to settle on another adeptly navigated exploration.
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      A Blackout B1 S.O.S. B2 Boogie Kitchen