Dustin Zahn & Joel Mull - Close Your Eyes

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  • Collaborations are always more exciting when the artists have contrasting styles. Dustin Zahn is going all collab-happy this year on his Enemy label, and his introverted, Autechre-influenced atmosphere is paired up this time with Joel Mull, who is often more accessible and heavier on the melody and harmonic structures. This kind of thing can go one of two ways, sometimes flattening the sparks that the individual producers are known for, but sometimes combining their best traits sympathetically and in a not-too-obvious way. "Close Your Eyes" is still weird, like Zahn, but it's not Aphexian: Instead, it's an odd blancmange of surreality which might be the soundtrack to a darker version of Spirited Away. Pads float above, with their subtle harmonies throbbing and creating a warm, otherworldly atmosphere that matches the burping rhythm perfectly. When combined with the high BPM rolling grooviness, they make this track ideal for the late, late freakshow. "Bossa Nossa" has less motion, and more sheen. It also stands out less, because it's more straightforward, but the spaciness and darkness is still there. Rather than powering through the flabby folds of time and space, this one is poking around its curious corners. As preparation for later, deeper adventures, this would certainly be effective. "What Do You See?" is back with the rolling, but rolling down a rabbit hole this time, vibrating and whirring, with distorted vocals attacking from above, and escalating Cybotron patterns taking us up, up and over the edge.
  • Tracklist
      01. Close Your Eyes 02. Bossa Nossa 03. What Do You See? 04. What Do You See? (8am Beats Tool)