Chicago Shags - Flamingo World

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  • The Chicago Shags is the by-product of two of the Dutch West Coast's greatest nu jack, 303-toting talents coming together in the studio. Danny "Legowelt" Wolfers and Brian "Orgue Electronique" Chinetti's strange, frightening yet exhilarating vision has only been realised on vinyl a few times previously, but each missive is worth checking. This release is no exception. The opening title track redefines the term "epic," but naturally, this is no hands-in-the-air prog euphoria. Instead, it's a dizzyingly fluid arrangement that shifts from powerful claps and eerie synth lines into claustrophobic crashing snares and an atmospheric string sequence. "West Park" sees the duo revert to a deeper approach, with trippy 303 lines underpinned by a warm, purring bassline. It sounds like it was conceived to provide the listener with a breather because the flip side features a salvo of bass-heavy tracks. Of the three, "Judgement Day" provides the most visceral approach, rumbling along with an ominous ass-quaking bass. However, "Casio RZ1" contains its own dance floor immediacy in the form of spine-tingling snare rolls, while "Live by the Sword" is a gloopy dirge, powered by acid-flecked bass licks. Fashioned by deranged provocateurs, Flamingo World is one of the West Coast's most intense contributions to the Chicago jack Italo horror soundtrack continuum.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Flamingo World A2 West Park B1 Judgement Day B2 Casio RZ1 B3 Live by the Sword