Frozen Border - 05

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  • The fifth release on the anonymous Frozen Border series isn't a radical departure from previous instalments. However, it does succeed in consolidating the label's sound without suffering the fate of so many volume-based releases which fall victim to the law of ever-diminishing returns. Whoever is behind Frozen Border is smart and talented enough to realise that constantly tweaking and modifying the parameters may not yield as much in short-term benefits, but that it is sure to guarantee long-term gains. The A-side on 5 rumbles along, its tempo more restrained than 1, but its rhythm more direct than 4. The beats, which sound like a brutal take on US garage dubs, are littered with trademark razor sharp hi-hats, scattered like scissors on the floor to augment the flow. But perhaps the most surprising aspect of the first cut is the insidious filter, which considerably lightens the mood. A similar approach applies on the flip side. While it starts with a heavier, faster rhythm, echoes of classic Bandulu are audible in the shantying dub riffs and, in a surprising move, the author shows his/her softer side as dreamy chords join the arrangement. Neither of these elements detract from the track's dance floor efficacy, but equally they prove that FB is not just about ruthless techno dynamism. More of the same. And even more surprises. In this way, the borders keep on shifting.
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