Don Williams - Dynamic Rain

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  • While the name Don Williams might not instantly conjure up visions of perfectly crafted deep house with elegant nods to both Detroit and Chicago, the labels that his name is behind will. Over the past few years Mojuba, a.r.t.less and Wandering have all become staples in any house connoisseurs' repertoire. With roughly ten years of production under his belt, Williams has only released a handful of records, but all of them have landed on renowned labels and been lauded for their craftsmanship. Continuing his streak of near perfection, Williams delivers the third EP on the equally brilliant upstart label Baud. "Dynamic Rain" begins simply enough, with the distinct funk of a swung 808 delivering the majority of the percussion. The crooning synths and delicate plucking of watery stabs land themselves perfectly over top of the primarily drum-based track. You can tell the young producer has been paying close attention to masters such as Daniel Bell, Claude Young and Kooky Scientist. The "Rain Reprise" is nothing more than a dubbed out selection of the pads and synths from the title track; a subtle ambient cut that won't likely garner the same attention as the rest of the release, but beautiful nonetheless. On the flip, "Glis Groove" is another primarily drum-driven track, but it's perfect in every way, from its simple-yet-effective bassline, its minimalist percussion, the lulling and warm synth work, down to its flawless composition. I, for one, cannot wait to see what's next from this underrated producer.
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      A1 Dynamic Rain A2 Rain Reprise B1 Glis Groove