Jonas Kopp - Ruda EP

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  • Argentina has long been a hotspot for all sorts of techno producers. A small but thriving club scene has a lot to do with that, but it's also down to not having a ton going on either. Fewer distractions means there's plenty of time to hunker down and get to work. Jonas Kopp knows this well, and has seen his work heralded by a number of labels over the past few years. His latest, a 12-inch for Belgium's Curle imprint, is yet another solid entry into his catalogue. "Ruda" is all metallic bounce, glistening chords cutting through the irrepressible rhythm. "Flanter Flinger," meanwhile, paints a darker picture, its kick drum built expressly for cavernous clubs. Kopp's built in what sound like gun shots and metal scraping metal. At nine minutes, its charm wears away quickly, no matter how many bits of microscopic processing are going on underneath, but it'll likely serve as a perfect tool for the likes of Dettmann and others like him. "Mico" finishes thing off, offering hope and dub in equal measure. (The wonderful melody in the track's back half is a treat as well.) Like its predecessors, there's nothing new to be found. But Kopp's attention to detail makes this EP highly useful, a testament to all the time he hasn't spent in clubs lately.
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      A1 Ruda A2 Flanter Filnger B Mico