Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23' Chandler - Core - 1994 : Stratosphere

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  • The reissue virus has never been as strong as now, a time when there is a distinct feeling among many that it's all been done before. (And better.) Further supporting arguments come every single day, and New York's Slow To Speak once again comes correct with a reissue of Madhouse's Stratosphere EP from 1994, a collection of raw and deep house tracks from Kerri Chandler. The Jersey boy was remarkably prolific during that decade, and plenty of tracks have fallen through the cracks as a result. It seems strange, though, that such vital-sounding tunes would have a problem getting pulled out every few years to rapturous response by history conscious DJs. My best guess as to why falls down to how poorly recorded it all sounds. Three of the four tracks sound like the kick is overdriven to almost comic effect. It's a shame, because hiding behind the kick is sublime musicianship: Moody organ swells, jaunty piano, ecstatic horns. On the one where it's a tad cleaner, "Climax 3," you hear exactly what you're missing: A sublime lesson in how to make deep house that both punches and caresses. Frequent Chandler collaborator Yahya McDougald was in on the sessions for this one, but it's only Chandler that you hear, especially in the priceless intros, one of which cautions pregnant ladies to stay away from the bass cabinet. It's a fair warning: After hearing Stratosphere again (or for the first time), you may want to hump one.
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      G1 Track 3 G2 Track 4 H1 Climax 3 H2 Climax 4