Thomas Fehlmann - Gute Luft Remixes

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  • If he hadn't just dropped an RA podcast full of it, Thomas Fehlmann's affection for deep house would have come as a surprise. The legendary producer's CV in recent years hasn't veered far from dub techno, schaffel and ambience. As such, Fehlmann's remixers on the newest EP bearing his name make sense. Both Move D and Soulphiction are among the most popular German purveyors of the stuff, yet come at the genre from two slightly different angles. Soulphiction, per usual, teases out the inherent funkiness in "Wasser Im Fluss," revealing how hypnotic a simple guitar lick can be if you don't bother to switch it up. (Here, that's hardly a criticism, especially when you have such a cinematic orchestral sample looping in tandem.) Move D favors the sort of ambience that is in abundance in Fehlmann's work. Smooth, undulating synths, beats that throb rather than thrust. He has both in his two B-side remixes. "Softpark" bounces along merrily while D weaves melodies around one another. "Berliner Luftikuss," meanwhile, sees him get deeper. It'd be the sort of po-faced deep house that producers love to anonymously bash, but D inserts a Mouse On Mars-esque fart of a synth line throughout, ensuring that the remix does anything but fade into the background.
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      A Wasser Im Fluss (Soulphiction Remix) B1 Softpark (Move D Remix) B2 Berliner Luftikuss (Move D Remix)