Jakes / Darqwan - Time Ends / JahWan

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  • Tectonic has a history of making producers shift their goalposts slightly to accommodate the label's dark and vaguely technoid remit, with Skream, Benga and even Joker bending their trademark sounds to suit the brand that Pinch has built up over the last five years. Their latest 12-inch is a perfect example of this type of compromise, featuring two tracks that retain many of the unique qualities of their makers despite sounding like they've been created with Tectonic specifically in mind. Since making the transition from MC to producer, Jakes has become a go-to beatmaker for dubsteppers who like wildly oscillating basslines, creating a series of visceral, head-wrecking tracks that cause serious damage on sub-hungry floors. "Time Ends" proves that he's just as adept when crafting a techy roller, letting the propulsive drums and simplistic bass pattern do their thing before bringing out the angular bongos in the final stretch. Oris Jay is a dubstep pioneer, having helped to lay down the foundations of the genre via his revolutionary take on breakbeat and UK garage, and he appears here under his Darqwan moniker, having already released as DQ1 on the imprint. Combining stuttering breaks with raw 808 bass and detached vocal samples, he creates a loose but powerful groove that'll inevitably get the crowd skanking in double-time.
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      A Jakes - Times End AA Darqwan - JahWan