A Made Up Sound - Alarm

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  • What makes A Made Up Sound A Made Up Sound? Back in 2006, it was deep house vibes for Philpot. Two years later, it was a sublime melding of techno and dubstep for Shed's Subsolo Records. And now, in 2010, it's something else altogether. That's par for the course for Dave Huismans, the producer behind the project. The only thing that A Made Up Sound isn't is 2562, his celebrated dubstep-centric moniker. A Made Up Sound is his outlet for hybrids and genre workouts. It's the former that's at play in Alarm / Crisis, seeing Huismans bring out a two-step stutter and pairing it with house and techno atmospherics. The rhythm skips along on both tracks of this, his third 12-inch for his self-titled imprint. Huismans' ear for a hook is what makes him special, however: "Alarm"'s squelch recalls golden-era rave, contrasting perfectly with the sedate strings in the back. The same sort of tension is found on "Crisis," with a touch of dub thrown in for good measure. Like all producers operating in the grey areas between genres these days, though, it's hardly a concern for Huismans where it comes from. "Does it sound cool?" is the only question worth asking. The answer in Alarm / Crisis' case is an emphatic yes.
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      A Alarm B Crisis