Wolfgang Voigt - Verwandlung

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  • If Wolfgang Voigt's Abweichung and Freiland Klaviermusik were just a tad bit too experimental for your tastes, you may well give Verwandlung a try: This is a 12-inch on Profan that you can hear without bothering yourself with mathematic equations and philosophical investigations. It is, quite simply, some righteous club music that happens to take a pounding piano as its base instrument. Chords march in time to the four-four beat on the title track with an upper register melody sneaking its way into the stereo field at odd intervals. But, crucially, it's mixed so low that you can ignore it if you'd like. Sometimes you do, you know? And sometimes you don't. Like on "Geduld," which has those pianos working double-time until Voigt gets almost jazzy on us. It sounds a bit like the live investigations that Brandt Brauer Frick have been making over the past 12 months, and presumably without all the sweat that the trio expend doing it with live instruments. The predictably lovely DJ Koze remix figures out a way to balance avant and ass perfectly, making the drop that his synths take down to a lower octave sound like the most ecstatic and academic thing in the world.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Verwandlung A2 Geduld B1 Geduld (DJ Koze Mix)