Various Artists - Hey Now / You Should Know

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  • It's a mystery as to why Cocoon feels the need to release music on 10-inch these days, but the result is worth the curiosity factor: The music that has come out through the Frankfurt label's COR10" imprint has been among its finest of the past 12 months. Inxec + Matt Tolfrey's "I Just Can't (Take It)" remains among the more powerful of the production duo's moments, and the addition of Mugwump to the Cocoon family was a surprising and pleasing nod to a Belgian producer that deserves the attention after years of working in near-anonymity in his home country. The label's latest, yet another split, finds German/Turk producer Ahmet Sisman taking top honors with "Hey Now." Sisman trades in his usual Ethnic flavor for a more straight-ahead approach, but the track seems to evade any easy categorization, bouncing like house and punching like techno. There's no problem identifying Johannes Heil & Heiko MSO's "You Should Know," which is disco-inflected house all the way. An old school vibe is the order of the day with the duo doing their best Metro Area impersonation until sampled vocals enter into the mix. You can hear both Heil and MSO's influence in different elements. What you can't hear is why they don't work together more often. Maybe it was the idea of releasing on a 10-inch that brought them out?
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      A Ahmet Sisman - Hey Now B Johannes Heil + Heiko M/S/O - You Should Know