Ross 154 - Until My Heart Stops

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  • Borne out of a love for analogue equipment and contrasting textures, Jochem Peteri work as Ross 154 blends traditional 808 sounds with wistful sound landscapes. It's Dutch house at its delicate and dreamy best. "Until My Heart Stops," the title track on this reissue of a 2004 12-inch, is backed by a varied and large amount of vintage equipment embracing overworked xylophonic synthesizers with crushing toms and handclaps. Space shuttle chords are ever present, humming in the distance, giving a wonderful atmosphere to the track. On "Kaoz" toms roll endlessly while playing footsie with intergalactic spaced-out synthesizers. Psychedelic rhythms and patterned diverse drum work are buoyed by floating keys as they bounce in and out of the limelight, swaying and swirling you into a dizzy haze. Perhaps best known for his work under the Newworldaquarium moniker, here's hoping that the reissue of this release will reawaken interest in both Ross 154 and 154, names responsible for some Peteri's most indelible and underrated moments.
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      A Until My Heart Stops.. B Kaoz