Discodeine feat. Matias Aguyao - Singular

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  • Sun-soaked and playful, Discodeine's latest offering is a finely-tailored summer jam, one that constantly threatens to tip over into full-blown pop but instead remains tantalizingly restrained. Not a surprise given the duo's tastes: As their own press release attests, Discodeine favor "mascarpone and chianti" over bubblegum. So consider "Singular" a slice of dessert for grown-ups—like a tiramisu, or maybe, considering that Pilooski and Pentile have teamed up with Matias Aguayo, like a tres leches cake: three layers of milky delights dipped in Latino soul. While Aguayo is as intriguing and whimsical as ever here, his Espanolian whispers get upstaged by the clusters of sugary instrumental melody. There's not only the sort of big dreamy synths seemingly invented for warm-weather hits, but also a modest plethora of orchestral sounds, like little xylophones, big clanking bells, dusty Spaghetti-western leads, making the track sound like someone snuck into Ennio Morricone's house and used the instruments to make a Tom Tom Club record. Thankfully, given the oddball inventiveness of the original, the two remixes here don't disappoint, absorbing Discodeine's creative spark as inspiration. Previously in their It's A Fine Line guise Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris have pumped out a kind of blistering, rockabilly-tinged electro that they put to good use here, adding some romper-stomper bass and aggressive slashes of synthesizer, and taking things towards '60s rock territory with big dark organ chords. Das Glow's mix gets all up in your face like an attention-hungry rugrat, throwing paint on the walls and jumping on the furniture, whipping immensely goofy horn honks and siren licks into a frenzy before melting down and gathering up steam for a final energetic rush. "Falkenberg," another slice off the anticipated Discodeine full-length, appears here Pilooskized, its dancehall vigor and cheeky steel drum workouts further cementing this release as a summer weapon.
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      A1 Singular A2 Singular (It's A Fine Line Mix) B1 Singular (Das Glow mix) B2 Falkenberg (Pilooski mix)