Sidwho? - Pay for Love

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  • Some disco thunder from down under: Aussie Sidwho? releases his big catchy tune of the year on compatriot Future Classic. Last time around, the man's "Vote Bowie for President" found good traffic among the Prinses, Terjes and Sweeneys of the world, this year Sidwho? stretches out on a breezy midtempo groover replete with an '80s white-funk heartbeat and infectious vocals. A slightly far-off, oddball warble gives the group-sung chorus a goofy Arthur-Russell style warmth and underscores the incongruity of the question: "Have you paid for love tonight?" Well, aren't you always paying for love, in some way or another? Jamie Paton's edit opens with this curious choral call and stretches out over 13 minutes, paced so it moves like an extended workout, snaking through instrumental bonk and additional vocal lines. The track's got that unique combination of hooky elements and spacious rhythms, making it ideal to be grandly woven into the fabric of a mix, first surfacing with a big chorus, then disappearing under currents of rhythm, only to bubble up again and again as the track shifts through its various gears. The other two tracks here might induce a bit of customer confusion. While the words "Azari & III remix" might catch your eye, their version hews close to the original, muscling a bit more low end and adding some cosmetic flourish. The distinction between this and the Paton edit will mostly be noticeable if you're weighing them based on mixing potential. As such, it's Paton's other version here that does the heavy lifting, swapping out sizzling funk-punk live drums for a percolating Roland palette. Don't be surprised if you see more where that came from in months to come, as the 303 squiggle continues to enjoy a bit of resurgence.
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      A Pay For Love (Jamie Paton edit) B1 Pay For Love (Azari & III remix) B2 Pay For Love (Jamie Paton Acid remix)