Lorn - Cherry Moon

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  • With its new Ninja Tune partnership and at least three artist albums in the pipe, Brainfeeder continues to settle into serious mode this year, now taking its first tentative step outside the insular LA beat scene to recruit Marcos 'Lorn' Ortega, of middle-of-nowhere Illinois, into the fold. The stirring strings and cinematic atmosphere of "Cherry Moon" has endeared Lorn to both Mary-Anne Hobbs and Tongy alike, with a pensive tone and sliced/diced breakbeat sounding less like FlyLo and co, and more like the product of an artist raised on a steady diet of late-'90s era David Holmes and DJ Shadow. "Tomorrow" is the less accessible but altogether richer half of the package, a jagged little morsel of instrumental hip-hop, with sea-sick pitch shifting, a bottomless pit of grimy layered synths and clapping sounds that clatter off into endless reverb. Although the most junior member of Brainfeeder in age and rank, Lorn's Cherry Moon and his soon to be released full-length look to be both broadening and maturing Brainfeeder's musical point of view.
  • Tracklist
      1. Cherry Moon 2. Tomorrow