D-Bridge - Love Hotel

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  • D-Bridge's collaboration with the Instra:mental duo have been well documented. But the genius of the Autonomic podcast bears repeating: As a marketing move (upcoming tunes!) and an enunciation of influences unexpected and expected (Autechre! The Cure!), it helped ease listeners into the trio's new sound effortlessly. It helps that the tunes have been a breath of fresh air, of course—something that continues apace on D-Bridge's newest two-tracker for his own Exit imprint. They follow in the half-step formula that has served them so well, allowing dancers to get down at either 85 or 170 BPM. Most will choose the former, I'd imagine, especially considering the tenor of both tracks, which mine a pervasively moody vibe. As you might expect, both "Love Hotel" and "Dim Light" are finely polished with a digital sheen—another distinctly Autonomic characteristic. There is no grit to be found, this is melancholy for the modern age. "Love Hotel" seems familiar, with downcast synths and perfectly stuttered drum patterns, an elegantly constructed unhappiness. "Dim Light," meanwhile, is driven by a more obvious rhythm and melodic fragments. Is it possible to be both exquisitely fine-tuned and still remain terrifyingly tense? D-Bridge seems to have found a way.
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      A Love Hotel B Dim Light