Wax - 30003

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  • In a recent interview with Little White Earbuds, Tama Sumo named Rene Pawlowitz as one of the few artists that doesn't leave her bag. "I never go anywhere without a Shed record. Shed or Wax or EQD." No doubt many DJs would agree—especially under the second two pseudonyms, Pawlowitz consistently pumps out records that are perfect for making a techno party move. His latest release, Wax 30003, is no exception—in fact, it's one of his most unhinged records yet. Unfortunately, it's also one of his least charismatic, with pounding bass kicks and polished tones that sound bland compared to most of his work. It gets the job done, but with less artistic flare than we're used to. Listening to the first minute or so of the A-side, it's hard not to think of Slam's "Positive Education"—the charging beat, and especially the hi-hat pattern are extremely similar. It's a few notches subtler than that '90s anthem, with bright, housey keys forming a simple hook and no larger-than-life breakdowns in sight—a fun track, and certainly effective, but probably not one you'd think back on after a night out. The B-side takes a more stonefaced approach, with a rigid beat and dubby, one-note lead recalling old records by Maurizio or the B-side of Wax 10001. Overall, though, it fills a very similar role to its counterpart: good for keeping a heavy vibe going, but a bit hollow as a stand-alone tune. Neither track has anything as nice as the quick, downward arpeggio from Wax 20002 or the frenetic organ from this year's Equalized #003, let alone the imagination of Shedding the Past. A useful club record, but one that falls short of Pawlowitz's potential.
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