Dexter - Redbox

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  • FX. Only a trained ear would instinctively notice their presence, but strip them from a club track and it would be an entirely different story. Take "1992"—the B-side of Dexter's 12-inch for Steffi's Dolly imprint—for example. The entire mood of the track is orchestrated by the skittish feedback of a flanger and a circling synth chord that's distorted to within 8-bits of its life. Remove this sonic colouration, however, and a fine contemporary club track becomes a static homage to early '90s Detroit. A snatched female vocal rides the rhythmic coattails for much of the track's early stages, but again, is brought to the fore by the use of intelligent modulation—in this case, an accumulation of delay-taps. A-side "Redbox" eases off the more palpable production tricks but can also be found doing an old school dance (albeit with its eyes facing floor-wards and fists tightly clenched.) The placement of an additional hi-hat on the kick alludes to this more techno-centric vibe, while the bloody-minded lead line and judiciously compressed drums also push the feeling. With the shake of the B-side shed, the track isn't as immediately charming as its counterpart, but has no doubt been used by Steffi to great effect in transitioning to those shady late afternoon Panorama Bar stages. Between this and Jacon Korn's Supakrank, it has been both a promising and retrospective start to Dolly's life on the turntables.
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      A Redbox B1 1992 B2 1992 (Instrumental)